#SaveTheCeo Team

A team of top-tier executive coaches supporting Leadership Team members to reconcile tensions, and achieve meaningful results
The #SaveTheCEO executive coaching program has been specifically conceived to back CEOs, Founders and Leadership Team members, taking into consideration the specific challenges of the role:

  1. Building a strong Leadership Team, accelerating the shift from the heroic-CEO to a team-centric organization
  2. Rethinking tried-and-tested approaches while focusing on your own transformation as well as your organization
  3. Consciously exploring shareholders and stakeholders needs and feedbacks, to improves both quality and speed of execution
  4. Pursuing meaningful results, reconciling tensions and dilemmas between business ambitions and personal values


  1. Full confidentiality
  2. 6 months journey
  3. 24/7 open hotline
  4. Board members’ and stakeholders' interviews
  5. Supervision sessions

Our #SaveTheCeo team of European top-tier facilitators has been chosen for the interdisciplinary background - business, psychology, art, academy, etc. - for their international track record, focus on quality and understanding of governance and today’s challenges.