Our Mission

Increasing shareholders and stakeholders' expectations, short-term vs long-term, radical pace and complexity, the climate revolution...
all tensions inevitably meet in the Leadership Team room. 

Its efficient functioning is the needed condition for value creation and for any transformations.

In uncertain times, alignment is the new compass.
LTx improves the quality and speed of your execution re-aligning:
  1. Personal values and personal ambitions
  2. Leadership Team members
  3. Leadership Team and Board
  4. Leadership Team and Stakeholders


Our ecosystem of solutions specifically conceived for Leadership Teams activate the alignment, exemplarity and efficient functioning of the Leadership Teams, to:

  1. Succeed transformations
  2. Shorten the strategy-execution gap
  3. Refocus the business model
  4. Balance short- and long-term priorities
  5. Bring ESG challenges down to earth
  6. Attract and retain talent
  7. Leverage technology and digitalization

The Leadership Team is the cultural matrix of the organization, its alignment irradiates, eventually enabling purposeful action. 
When your Leadership Team works as one, every other team follows.

Download here our business cases:

  1. Design team (large manufacturer)
  2. Luxury Automotive
  3. Household Appliances
  4. Automotive M&A

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The cleanest database, with hundreds of Leadership Team respondents
Solutions powered by proprietary algorithms and methodologies

Our ecosystem of solutions