#SaveTheCeo is a solution for those CEOs and Founders who believe they can learn from each other.
The CEO is the only employee who is hired by someone outside the organization. He/she is in a unique and pretty lonely position, overlooking the entire system.

The exponential complexity and increasing shareholders and stakeholders expectations are accelerating the shift from the heroic-CEO to a team-centric approach.

The CEO job has evolved, it now requires:

  1. Keeping both shareholders and stakeholders happy
  2. Building and leveraging a strong Leadership Team
  3. Understanding society and its changes
  4. Rethinking tried-and-tested approaches
  5. Transforming themselves as well as their organization
  6. Leveraging technology while empowering human capital
  7. Honouring traditions while pushing new boundaries

#SaveTheCeo program

During the sessions, participants take turns to act as the “client” and discuss an area of their practice that they want to improve.
The other participants act as “consultants”, supporting the “client” to improve his/her understanding and actions.


  1. Share best practices
  2. Take a step back, analyse and find solutions
  3. Improve strategic thinking
  4. Take long-awaited decisions
  5. Develop networks

  1. A group of 5 or 6 CEOs and Founders around the table, led by a senior facilitator
  2. 5 sessions per year (both on-line and in-person)
  3. 2,5-hours sessions
  4. Full confidentiality

Join the program

The next #SaveTheCeo session starts on the February the 7th, 2023.
We also organize bespoken #SaveTheCeo sessions for active investors with more companies in portfolio.