Today’s complexity keeps accelerating the shift from a CEO-centred to a team-centred model.
The cornerstone to unleash value for shareholders and stakeholders is therefore the alignment, exemplarity and efficient functioning of Leadership Teams.

Leadership Teams display unique characteristics:
  • They are exemplary, always influencing language and behaviours
  • Alignments among their members are reflected all along the organizational layers, and they are key for sharp transformations and executions
  • They dictate tempo, consciously setting the rhythm of the organization (when it is time to hold, explore, discuss, act, accelerate, etc.)
  • Their purpose comes from channelling shareholders and stakeholders’ needs
  • They set the cultural enablers for innovation to happen
When a Leadership Team works as “one”, all the other teams will break silos and convergently focus on value creation.

Downloads: White paper on the types of Leadership Teams
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